“DunkleBiene” (Dark Bee)

13,70 CHF

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    This natural bar of soap contains honey from the dark bee.
    On top I added some bees wax to the formula, so that the soap bar becomes hard and therefore tends to induce a kind of skueaky-clean feeling on the skin.
    Honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are boosted by the bees wax.

    The Swiss foundation ProSpecieRara promotes the “Dark Bee” and has been successful in convincing apiculturalists in the valleys of “Prättigau” and “Val Müstair” to switch to this old type of honey bee.
    The dark bee was the first honey bee north of the alps and like many other “old” types of domestic animals was “replaced” by more “efficient” and more “productive” breeds of bees.
    Which has lead to a heavy drop in bio diversity.
    2% of the price for die DuschMödeli go to “ProSpecieRara”.

    Lemmony with an earthy tinge

    Intensity of scent
    Misty to billowy

    Skin type
    Uncomplicated to sensitive

    Aromatherapeutic effect
    Calming & inspiring

    Unbleached & compostable paper

    Minimum 95 g

    9 to 10 (alkaline)

    Gift ?
    If you would like to give this soap as a gift, I could enclose the small card I make for every Mödeli. This card informs about the skin type, the scent and the aromatherapeutic effect of the specific soap of mine.
    I don’t automatically add these cards to a shipment. So if you would like one, simply write so under “remarks” and I’ll stick it into the package.


    For showering.

    Either you simply use the piece of soap without any auxiliary implement. Or then you use the practical “DuschSäckli“.
    Another option would be the ingenious magnetic soap holder:  makes things a lot easier in terms of handling.

    Healthy skin
    According to LOTS of feedback I have heard throughout the years the imporant points seem to be:
    – if possible: don’t take a shower on a daily basis
    – use soap (or any cleaning agent) only in the “neuralgic” spots – not on all of the body
    – rinse well – everywhere
    – try not to rub yourself too rigorously with your towel; better would be to pat the moisture away; leaving some water on the skin would be optimal

    Due to the essential oils it’s not recommended for kids unter 3 years of age

    Hard / soft
    Industrial soap or natural soap which is made with palm- or coconut oil tends to be very hard.
    Old olive-oil soap also tends to be hard.

    Relatively fresh natural soap – made without palm- or coconut oil – can be a wee softer than the kinds mentioned above.
    In order to achieve favorable characteristics for our skin, I absolutely want special oils in my recipes 🙂
    And some of these tend to make my soaps a bit less hard.
    This is the reason why I classify my DuschMödeli into different “degrees of hardness”.
    On a scale between 1 (very hard) and 5 (very soft) this Mödeli  would figure at “1“.

    Keep it dry. Don’t let it sit in water. Then it last the longest.
    Helpful could be the soap pouch or the magnet soap holder.


    Olive oil (bio), water, sodium hydroxide, honey from the dark bee (ProSpecieRara); 100% natural, essential oils: amyris (bio), marjory (bio), lemongrass (bio), rosemary (bio); bees wax (bio); allergen substances from the essential oils: citral, limonene, linalool, geraniol, cintronnellol.


    *natural, essential oils