Swiss natural soap, deodorant & natural cosmetics.
Good for you and the environment!

Made from organic oils.
No plastic, palm oil nor preservatives.



Workshop sale in Zufikon

always on Thursdays between 5 and 8 p.m.
Schlossbergstrasse 6, 5621 Zufikon

My goal ?

To produce convincing body care products made from purely natural raw materials.
Free of preservatives or additives.


We’re talking about deodorants, shower & hair soaps, body and face care products.
Zero plastic waste.
Extremely low impact on waste water.
Economical, because water is only used where absolutely necessary.

And ?

All ingredients come from organic farming.
I only make tiny lots at a time.
And of course everything is made by hand.


99.9% of my prducts are sold online.
Or then you have the possibility to come and visit me during my openworkshop hours: thursdays between 17:00 and 20:00.
You’ll finde at Schlossbergstrasse 6 in 5621 Zufikon.
Best would be to send me a short email beforehand – to make sure that I’m really there…

It is in our hands

Produced in Switzerland
Made with love.
Free from
palm oil.
Many products
are vegan.

We consumers

determine success or failure of any product.
If we no longer buy a certain item, it will no longer be manufactured.

We no longer want any plastic ?

We want to get rid of industrial farming ?

We don’t want pesticides on our food, in our water nor on our soil ?

Then let’s buy things which fulfill our requirements 🙂

Yes – it’s definately not an easy task to avoid plastic.
Yes – it’s everything but simple to identify stuff originating from industrial farming.
Yes – to know what has been sprayed onto what is a tremendous challenge.

Actually the word “CHALLENGE” sounds like a euphemism to me…
BUT there’s indications I can follow.
And lots of things I simply stopped buying.

We consumers determine what goes.
No demand – no market.

Raw Materials

Many raw materials for cosmetics have tonguetwisting names.

Many of these unpronounceable substances are only in used for production and logistical purposes.

Needless to say: one can also do without any of this stuff…

O.k., my advantage is: I’m small.
Actually rather an “anchovy in the Pacific”.
I can do things that don’t require preservation because I make tiny quantities and sell these wihtin a very short time.

The downside of my miniature size is the production time – per product – which automatically leads to higher cost.

View into the workshop