“Dark Bee” – liquid

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    This little paper bag contains everything for a really good showering agent.
    Made of raw materials which are good for the skin.
    And also for the waste water.
    No preservatives. No additives.

    All other details are exactly the same as the “cut” verison: clic

    Shelf life (in paper bag)
    In order to keep the essential oils within the soap, it would be best to transfer the contents from the bag into a screw-top jar or similar. Optimally stored in a cool and dark place – the sun activates all organic things …
    This way the shavings keep at least 6 months w/o loosing their scent.


    Fill approx. 1/3 of the bag into an old shower-gel bottle (most often 200 to 250 ml in size).

    Fill the bottle with cold or warm water.
    Shake, shake 🙂
    And let sit for approx. 1 day.
    Within 24 hours most of the shavings have disolved and you can use the liquified soap like any other liquid showering agent.
    It tends to be slightly more watery.


    Content of paper bag
    Shavings of showering soap “Dark Bee”, guar gum (organic) (for consistency)

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