Body oil “P”

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    These vegetable oils are known to be good for skin bothered by psoriasis (P).

    The mix offers you a completely natural, chemicalfree alternative to conventional body lotion.
    The thinner a lotions is, the more emulsifying agents are part of the used formula.
    These chemical substances are known to be irritating to our skin.
    In addition to all other chemical ingredients in lotions, which are added for texture, production purposes and mainly preservation.

    If you think of the huge quantities which are produced in enormous tanks, it’s no wonder that the final product has to be treated against bacteria and fungus.
    It’s practically impossible to get such tanks/tubes/nozzles etc. 100% sterile.
    Plus the product will travel to faraway places, see fluctuation of temperature, might be handled roughly etc.

    And at the end it will land on a shelf in some store and should feel, smell and look exactly the same, as on the day it left the production site.

    On healthy skin these chemicals most often dont cause irritation.
    But on delicate or sickly skin these substances increase the distress.

    As you can see right here: it is absolutely possible to treat your skin with nothing else than natural oils.
    Every oil has a different characteristic on our skin.
    And not every oil is bound to be good for our skin.
    But some oils are simply swell for this purpose.

    Slightly of the used vegetable oils – there are no essential oils in the mixture

    Glass bottle* with plastic lotion pump

    100 ml

    As dark and as cool as possible (doesn’t have to go into the fridge)

    * all glass containers can be returend: click




    The easiest application method is to use the mixture after having taken a shower.

    You step out of the shower and instead of drying yourself off, you pump some of the oil mixtures into your hands and rub it onto your skin.
    The mix of the remaining water and the oil turns into a natural body lotion.
    The skin absorbes the oil only in combination with water.

    Try not to use too much oil – otherwise you could tend too feel a bit like a sardine…
    You can always increase the quantity of oil 🙂

    If you would like it to smell nicely, you could simply add some essential oils to the oil. Shake-shake and you’re ready to go.





    Oil mixture
    Avocado (bio), jojoba (bio), wheat germ (bio).