Hair soap “nettles” – liquid

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Hair soap “nettles” – liquid
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    This is a 100 grams of hair soap which I’ve turned into shavings.

    You can simply turn these into a liquid shampoo by filling a 1/3 of the package into an old shampoo bottle, filling it up with water and letting it sit for one or to days.

    All other details are the same as the firm version: click


    Fill approx. 1/3 of the bag into an old shampoo bottle (most often 200 to 250 ml in size).

    Fill the bottle with cold or warm water.
    Shake, shake 🙂
    And let sit for approx. 1 day.
    Within 24 hours most of the shavings have disolved and you can use the liquified soap like any other liquid shampoo.
    It tends to be a bit more watery.

    There’s no need for a sour rinse – this recipe already contains citric acid.


    Content of the paper bag
    Shavings of hair soap “nettles”, guar gum (organic) (for consistency)