Paris white 100 g

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    “Paris white” is something really old fashioned. In a very good way.
    Often it’s found mixed with different bleaching and/or cleaning agents.

    In this case it’s pure and completely natural.

    No bleach.
    And nothing added to it.

    It is very, very finely ground, quenched dolomite stone, which has been used for a long, long time as a polishing and scouring agent.
    Because it’s not incredibly “sexy” – that’s why you’ve probably never heard about this stuff before.

    It’s not only good for the environment but also good for the wallet.

    You can use it for
    – cleaning the oven (together with some cleaning soap & soda)
    – cleaning and polishing all stainless steel surfaces
    – brightening and cleaning seams between tiles
    – cleaning burnt pots and pans (together with cleaning soap)
    – polishing silver cutlery or copper pans
    – cleaning the bath tub (together with cleaning soap & vinegar)

    100 g



    It’s effect is especially noticeable on materials like stainless steel, silver, brass, glass and ceramics.
    Don’t worry: the fine stone grains leave no scratches.

    Application: Put a little “Paris white” on a damp cloth and work the dirty surface with circular motions.
    Then rinse / wash with water; polish the surface with a soft cloth.

    Make your own soap with 250 g of oil and 250 g of WienerKalk (0% superfatted). Scent it with 10 g of orange oil – this also has a cleansing effect.




    Calcium magnesium carbonate (rock from the dolomites)