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    Sisal is a natural fibre obtained from an agave.
    Basically Spain, North Africa or South America grow lots of agave and make sisal out of it.
    But unfathomably only China processes this raw material to a rather fine shower pouch.

    The word “fine” is important in this context, because scratchy sisal bags are anything but pleasant on our skin… mark my word for it….

    The sisal gadget has two application forms:
    – as a shower pouch
    – and also as a cleaning pouch

    For the shower pouch you stick your piece of the soap into the pouch. This way the soap can no longer slip form your hands (and most often land on one of the tiny toes waaaaaaaay down there…..).
    So bending down to pick the slippery thing up is no longer needed 🙂

    In contrast to the PET shower pouch, the same amount of foam develops as if you were to hold the soap in your hands without any pouch.
    When the soap dries, it tends to soak up the soap residues.
    And if you don’t take a shower for a day or two, the whole conglomerate becomes a bit hard.
    As soon as the pouch is used again, it softens and releases the soaked-up soap.

    As a cleaning pouch (my preferred form of usage), it actually replaces a cleaning or scouring rag.
    Ideally you additionally stick a piece of rag inside the pouch, which makes it more absorbent and thicker.
    Pouch and rags can simply be washed for re-use.

    Sisal is very sturdy. Excellent for rubbing and cleaning. The bathtub. The sink. Or even dishes.
    But human skin ?!?!?! I’m not really convinced….


    for cleaning, washing dishes and also for showering.


    Sisal made in China.