Soap dish – swiss wood

15,00 CHF

Handgemachte Seifenschale aus Holz aus dem Entlebuch
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    Everything beautiful is ephemeral.

    At least that’s how it often seems to me.

    Again and again I ask myself: does something have to last FOREVER? Is it not also simply beautiful when I can cherish something beautiful for a while; when it’s at the end of its life, it can be handed to the decay cycle (i.e. compost)?

    Beat Bachmann makes these with dedication and attention to detail – especially for the DuschMödeli. He sources his wood from his nearby surroundings – the Entlebuch.

    There are four types of wood: ash, maple, beech and cherry.

    You can choose the type of wood you prefer by writing in “Remarks” before completing your order.

    These bowls are completely untreated. You can simply clean them from time to time with water and a nail brush to remove the soap residue – and the bowls will look tip-top again. Or you can oil them with linseed oil varnish – then they will also look nice and natural.

    All bowls have four rubber feet embedded in the wooden base, so that moisture is less likely to affect the wooden part. The grooves are there, so that the furniture does not lie flat on the wooden surface and with increasing humidity gets swimming wings…

    8 cm long, 9 cm wide, 2 cm high

    Country of manufacture
    Switzerland – Entlebuch



    Naturbelassene Kirsche (dunkel-rötlich), Buche (hellbraun), Esche (hell mit Faserung) oder Ahorn (hell fast ohen Faserung)