Cleaning soap – 1 kg of shavings

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    Here we are talking about a 100% olive oil soap, which has been 0% overfattied.
    In addition I turned it into shavings – in order to make handling easier.

    If you’re thinking about making your own detergent or cleaning products, this could be a good alternative for other cleaning soap, which is mostly made from palm oil.

    Under “applications” I have listed a couple (few) recipes which you could try out.


    What can you do with this cleaning soap ?

    Floor cleaning
    2 tablespoons of grated cleaning soap to 5 liters of hot water plus 1 tablespoon of soda (sodium carbonate)


    Detergent (not suitable for wool or silk)
    2 liters of water
    80 g grated cleaning soap
    300 g soda (sodium carbonate)
    100 g citric acid

    Boil cleaning soap, soda and water. Mix well with a hand blender.
    Let it cool.
    Only then add citric acid – mix well with blender.
    Leave to stand for one day (It will divide into a more liquidy and a more firm part).
    Mix again with a hand blender.

    Fill into glass containers.

    Before washing, use a spoon (the mixture becomes quite firm) to pour about 150 ml into a separate glass jar. Fill it up with water and shake well. This way you will get a liquid detergent which distributes well in the machine.

    If you want a scent you could add 20 ml of orange essential oil, which you put into compartment II of the washing machine.

    For white laundry you could once in a while soak this in hot water with 5 tbsp of disolved soda in it. This way the fibers loose the possible grayish tint and additionally most stubborn stains disappear.


    Against lice in the garden
    Mix 1 tablespoon of cleaning soap with 2 liters of water, dissolve and fill into spray bottle.


    Yes – o.k. – there are better tastes.
    But it works perfectly.
    For the teeth and throat it is wonderful, because it increases the pH-value (it becomes alkaline – that is quite excellent against caries and inflammations).
    Simply rub the damp toothbrush on the soap and then clean the teeth with it.


    Olivenöl (bio), Wasser, Natriumhydroxyd.