ProximaCentauri – facial balm

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    This small jar goes a VERY long way.
    Because it only represents the nourishing part of the lotion.
    The moisturizing part comes out of your tap at home. Quasi at zero cost.
    Or you use a hydrosol or tonic (I also make a couple few of these).
    The ratio between nourishing and moisturizing part is 1:3.
    In other words 3 parts water to one part balm.

    This little pot essentially generates 130 ml facial care.

    And now specifically to ProximaCentauri

    We are not alone in our universe.
    Perhaps within our solar system; but what about in the neighboring solar systems?
    We don’t know (yet).
    But with the help of “Voyager”, who has been exploring the “void” for nearly forty years, that could change.

    “ProximaCentauri” is the closest planet to us – outside our solar system  – which could also contain life.
    At least that’s how I understood it.

    How extraordinarily fascinating!

    So far away.
    So unknown.
    So unimaginable.

    In the nothingness of the universe (remember: it’s pitch dark and dead quiet out there due to the perfect vacuum) we rotate like a small marble around our sun.

    And our daily, small life often rotates not around a star, but around our appearance.
    Around our (daily dwindling….) youthfulness.

    To “freeze” this to a certain extent, you need tools.
    Preferably tools which only contain natural substances.

    Like this balm “ProximaCentauri”.

    This orange, fragrant serum helps our skin to moisturize and nourish itself.
    During the day (and/or at night – as you prefer). With a long-lasting effect.

    As with the night serum “DornRöschen Erwacht”, “ProximaCentauri” is “only” half of the story.
    The other half is made of water (from the tap) or hydrosol.

    The hydrosol (or simply water) together with the balm emulsifies directly on the skin – without any emulsifier, additive or preservative.

    Since I know that the emulsifier (the additive in a cream to combine oil and water into an emulsion) hinders the transmission of moisture into the dermis, I have ONE goal: there MUST be a way to moisturize the skin in a totally natural way – without emulsifiers.

    For the body, this would be a body butter like CostieraAmalfitana or PflegeMödeli.

    For the face it would be “ProximaCentauri”, “PolarLicht” or for the night “DornRöschen Erwacht”.

    Skin type
    Medium to mature


    Aromatherapeutic effect
    Uplifting and emotionally warming

    45 ml

    Blue glass jar with silver plastic lid

    Expert opinion * on the effect of the various oils
    Shea butter: nourishing, moisturizing, refatting, film-forming
    Cocoa butter: penetration-enhancing, nourishing, moisturizing, lipid-replenishing, film-forming
    Wheat germ oil: stabilizes allergic skin; penetrates deeply; promotes elasticity
    Hemp oil: regulates cornification, anti-inflammatory
    Colza oil: regenerative and stabilizing
    Buckthorn: protective, healing, cell regenerating, anti-inflammatory

    Rice germ oil: penetrating, very moisturizing, regulates cornification
    Argan oil: Penetration promoting, nourishing, deeply absorbing, barrier layer regenerating
    Eth. Geranium oil: skin caring, wound healing, strongly antiviral
    Eth. Pepper oil: skin stimulating
    Eth. Grapefruit oil: skin metabolism stimulating
    Eth. Palmarosa oil: very skin caring, very skin regenerating
    Eth. Blood orange oil: anti-inflammatory
    Eth. Ginger oil: anti-inflammatory, skin nourishing
    Eth. Litsea oil: skin caring, skin metabolism stimulating

    Oils behave differently at 180°C than shower soap: a well-formulated natural soap becomes increasingly mild, foamy and long-lasting with age.
    A natural oil, on the other hand, reacts with oxygen, the bacteria, viruses and fungal spores floating around and becomes rancid and therefore oxidizes over time.
    The more unsaturated fatty acids an oil contains, the faster an oil will tilt.
    And good oils for the skin (fatally) are made of lots of unsaturated fatty acids…

    Shelf life
    Even if the temperatures in the bathroom fluctuate relatively unfavorably for a serum or a balm, this balm reaches the stated shelf life of 8 months without any problems. Reason for this are the mixture of essential oils and also the spruce resin.
    Close the glass jar tightly after use. Shelf life up to 8 months.
    Ideally use before.



    You apply this balm on freshly washed, damp skin.
    And gently massage it into the skin – together with a tonic/hydrosol – or simply tap water.

    The water/hydrosol on the skin not only allows for optimal moisturization of the same but is THE tool to allow the balm to penetrate into the skin.

    Only reach into the jar with freshly washed hands; otherwise it’s better to use a spatula or a clean knife. Unwashed hands bring bacteria and fungal spores into the balm…


    Wheat germ oil (organic), shea butter (organic), rice flower (organic), argan oil (organic), cocoa butter (organic), candelilla wax (wild); 100% natural, essential oils: geranium (organic), pepper (organic), grapefruit (organic), palmarosa (organic), blood orange (organic), ginger, litsea cubeba (organic); natural allergenes of essential oils: citral, limonene, linalool, geraniol, citronnellol, farnesol.


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