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    For sharing with others.
    Or storing – for some reserve.
    Or simply for hoarding.

    Soap likes a cool and dark spot (doen’t have to be the fridge :-).
    Temperature fluctuations are the very worst – then the supperfatty oils start to act up…

    In the past, people bought and stored candles and soap in large quantities. The older these products get, the harder and more yielding they become.

    Since the last three production steps are omitted with these blocks, they are less expensive in relation to the individual Mödeli.

    Whenever you need a piece of showering soap: open the cabinet door, pull out a big knife, bang – and your DuschMödeli is ready to go.


    This block can be cut into approx. 15 pieces of about 100 grams each.

    The scent will fade a bit over time – but it all depends on the blend of essential oils.
    The top notes fade away first.
    Then the heart and base notes.

    If you use up the block within 12 months it will most definitely still have a scent.

    It gets harder and more yielding with age.


    like the cut and wrapped version: clic