“Koji” lotion-to-shake

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    This lotion is made of purely natural ingredients.
    Beyond being a lotion completely free of chemicals, it contains different bio-active particles, extracted out of the multicellular fungus “Aspergillus Oryzae“, called “Koji“.

    This special fungus produces manifold enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, polyphenols and peptides which are not only valuable for the human digestive system, but also for the skin.
    They have highly nourishing and moisturizing effects and additionally can help to lighten dark spots on the skin.

    This happens by inhibiting the production of tyrosinase in our skin. Tyrosinase is the central enzyme which produces melanin in a biosynthetic reaction in our skin and leads to dark spots.

    Please don’t expect any wonders 🙂  The contained bio-active particles within the lotion can help to reduce the production of tyrosinase. But the effect is slow and will certainly not make the spots disappear completely.

    The formula of this lotion-to-shake is actually vintage.
    Vintage in a very good way.
    With this lotion 0.00 chemical components land on your skin.
    With this lotion YOU ARE THE EMULSIFIER !

    What is a cream or a lotion actually made of ?
    Oil and water (plus a ton of additives for production purposes, a ton of preservatives to keep it to look, feel and smell exactly the same over a long time period).

    In order to mix water and oil you need a so-called “emulsifier”.
    Dermatologists know, that emulsifiers are anything but an enrichment to our skin.
    Especially to affected or sensitive skin.

    I – as the user – mix the watery and oily part of this lotion purely mechanically.
    And therefore shake the bottle vigourosly two to three times just before spraying it onto my freshly washed hands or directly onto my face.
    Then I rub the mixture into my (preferably) damp – skin.

    I repeat this process until I feel sufficiently nourished.

    Skin type
    Sensitive and dry skin

    Slightly lemony

    45 ml

    Blue glass bottle with white spray head

    If you use three “spray doses” each day as per my description, the bottle will last about 10 weeks – maybe 12 (depends on how much force you use when spraying).

    Without hesitation, the lotion-to-shake can be stored in the bathroom.


    The motto is: “I AM THE EMULSIFIER”.

    That means: I – as the user –  mix the watery and oily content of the bottle by shaking it vigorously two to three times just before spraying.

    I spray the content as quickly as possible onto my (freshly washed) hand. Or directly onto my face.
    And rub the mixture in.

    I repeat this process until I feel comfortable.

    To avoid bacteria and fungal spores entering the liquid:
    – never unscrew the spray bottle
    – do not touch the spray nozzle of the bottle with your hands/fingers
    – put the cap of the spray bottle immediately after use


    Hydrosol (self made), A. oryzae, jojoba oil (bio), essential oil of lemon (bio); natural allergene components of essential oil: citral, limonene


    * all natural, essential oils