Hair soap testing package

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    Changing from conventional shampoo to hair soap can be a bit iffy.

    There’s differences in hair types and scalps and according to my experience it’s simply best to try the different hair soaps out. Only then can you really judge if one really fits your type of hair or not.

    These soaps each weigh 35 grams and should last approx. 2 weeks – assuming that one washes one’s hair every second day.

    Details about ingredients and other specifics of these three hair soaps can be found here:
    HaarMödeli „Hopfen&Honig“
    HaarMödeli „Brennessel“
    HairMödeli “Lemongras”

    Compostable, untreated paper

    3 x minimum 35 g

    9 to 10 (alkaline)


    Wet your hair thoroughly.
    Rub your hair directly with hair soap.
    Lay soap aside.
    Add some water to your hair and then massage the soap into your scalp – the hair get’s soap on it in any case.
    Stand under the running water once more and massage your hair and scalp with both hands vigorously.
    Now rinse hair thoroughly with lots of water.



    the same as the “big” version:

    hair soap “nettle”
    hair soap “hops & honey”
    hair soap “lemongras”