Hair soap “lemongras”

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    This hair soap I formulated for normal, easy hair.

    Actually, I didn’t want to add any scent to it, because everything else already has a scent (shower soap, body butter, hairformer etc. etc).
    But in the end I was steamrolled by the utterly refreshing lemongrass scent.
    Plus this essential oil has a positive effect.

    Not everybody get’s the hang on hair soap.
    Sometimes it takes a bit of patience and endurance.
    Washing your hair with soap is a tiny bit different than using normal shampoo.
    It takes the scalp approx. two weeks to renew itself – and that’s about the time it takes to get the hang on washing your hair with natural soap.
    What makes this hair soap additionally attractive is, that the recipe contains citric acid, so that no additional sour rinse is needed – in order to achieve shiny, glossy and untangled hair.

    Oily hair: is the result of tallow glands overdoing the sebum production.
    Often this is triggered and boosted by frequent hair washing.
    By increasing the intervals between hair washings and NOT using a cleaning agent for oily hair helps a lot.

    Dandruff: in most cases this is an indicator for dry scalp.
    In other words: the scalp needs moisture and oil.
    Most dandruff shampoos contain silicone or similar substances. These have been put into the recipe simply to keep the dandruff where it is: on the scalp. BUT the dandruff as such is still there and so is the dryness of the scalp.
    In short: the cause for the dandruff is not tackled by dandruff shampoos.
    Weaning off dandruff shampoos immediately leads to dandruff again.

    If you want to get rid of dandruff on the long run, your scalp needs more moisture and oil.

    This hair soap “nettles” contains 12% of oil.
    This hairsoap  (“lemongras”)  8%.
    And “Hops & honey” 5%. In addition to a bit of beeswax, which also helps to contain the moisture in the scalp.

    Type of hair/scalp
    Normal, easy hair


    Compostable, untreated paper

    Minimum 95 g

    9 to 10 (alkaline)

    Perhaps your would rather use a liquid version of this hair soap ?
    Then my so-called “liquid” version of this Mödeli could be of interest to you: click

    Fit for travel ?
    Because I don’t use palm oil in my soap it tends to be a wee softer than others.
    Therefore I have categorized my soaps from 1 (hard) to 5 (very soft).
    Traveling in a soap box they tend to soften anyways as they most often have little time to dry properly.
    This soap I classify as 1.


    Wet your hair thoroughly.
    Rub the hair soap directly onto your hair.
    Lay soap aside.
    Add some water to your hair and then massage the soap into your scalp – the hair get’s soap on it in any case.
    Stand under the running water once more and massage your hair and scalp with both hands vigorously.
    Now rinse hair thoroughly with lots of water.

    Washing your hair with water only
    You can also wash your hair – off and on – with water only.
    If you tend to have dry scalp or dandruff this could also help. Another natural help is tonic water made from nettles.
    Nettles contain lots of silica – a natural anti-dandruff-agent.

    You simply stick your head under the faucet, tousle your hair slightly with lots of water.
    Dry it as usual.
    Most probably you’ll be positively surprised by the result.

    I have noticed that often a firm bar of soap leeds to ample usage of soap. Mostly too much and frequently not all of it gets rinsed out and remains on the hair.
    In order to get a better feel for hair washing with soap you could start with cutting-up 1/3 of a bar into small pieces and stick these into an old shampoo bottle. Fill it up with water and let it sit for a day or two. Then it will be liquified and you can use it like a “normal” liquid shampoo.

    Due to the essential oils it’s not recommended for kids unter 3 years of age


    Olive oil (organic), Castor oil (organic), water, sodium hydroxide, hemp oil (organic); citric acid; 100% natural, essential oil of lemngras (organic); salt, sugar (organic); natural, allergen substances from the essential oil: citral, limonene, linalool, geraniol, isoeugenol.


    *natural essential oil