Grass tube for deodorant stick – empty

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    Maybe you want to make your own deodorant ?

    Or a big quantity of lip balm ?

    This tube is made of cardboard and then beautifully cached with grass paper.
    Entirely without plastic and still greaseproof.

    You’ll find a vegan recipe for a deodorant under “applications”.

    60 ml

    Made in


    Deo stick (5 sticks)
    85 g babassu oil
    30 g cocoa butter
    100 g sodiumbicarbonate
    65 g berry wax
    15 g  natural essential lemon oil (distilled is best)
    5 g  natural essential oil of palmarosa
    6.5 g natural essential oil of lime

    Heat the wax with the natural oils/fats slowly in a water bath until everything is melted.
    Let cool down a bit; then add the sodium bicarbonate. Stir nicely and keep it moving and let it cool until it becomes relatively viscous. Mix in the essential oils and then pour into the cardboard tubesCa.

    Place in refrigerator and let set for 1/2 day.


    Carton and grass paper