“Green” – liquid

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    This little paper bag contains ingredients for a really good shower gel.
    Ingredients which are good for the skin.
    And the waste water.
    No preservatives nor any additives.


    All other details the same as the “solid” version: clic

    Shelf life (in paper bag)
    In order to contain the essential oils it would be good to transfer the contents from the sachet into a screw-top jar or similar. Optimally storeed in a cool and dark place – the sun is the enemy of all organic matter…
    Then it lasts – without any great loss of fragrance – approx. 6 months.


    Mix 1/3 of the bag with approx. 200 ml of water – simplest by using an old shower gel container.
    Shake it vigorously.
    After 6 to 8 hours, most of the soap shavings will have dissolved. Each additional shaking accelerates this dissolving process.


    Inhalt vom PapierSäckchen
    Spähne vom Mödeli “Grün”, Guarkernmehl (bio)