Soap pouch – PET yellow

9,00 CHF

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    You don’t really need a soap pouch in order to be happy.

    But actually it might be practical – with the following features:
    – the piece of soap no longer slips from your hands
    – the piece of soap can’t crash onto your delicate foot bones
    – the piece of soap dries wonderfully in this pouch and holds longer

    Recycled Swiss PET. The fabric is woven in eastern Switzerland and the pouch itself is sewn in the french part of Switzerland.

    Made in

    Small hook
    If you would like to hang your pouch on a small hook (best stuck onto the tiles with egg-white) then I would offer you one for free.
    For some time I automatically put a hook with every pouch; but I realized that lots of them were trashed in the end.
    Therefore I would appreciate it, if you could simply write unter “remarks” that you would like such a hook.


    Put the piece of soap into the pouch.
    Leave it in the pouch for showering.
    It wraps itself around the piece of soap like a second skin.


    Swiss PET – recycled