Magnetic soap holder

19,00 CHF

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    In essence we are talking about a really old-fashioned gadget.
    Old-fashioned in a good way 🙂

    This magnetic holder is made by a innovative guy a village up the road from me.
    Sergio reuses old wood and makes different kinds of special things with it. One of them being this soap holder.

    You simply stick the holder onto your shower wall (you remove it any time with a spatula and a bit of spirit).
    Try to place it rather high-up so that it doesn’t get drenched on a regular basis…
    Then you stick the little metal pad into the Mödeli and your good to go.

    In my shower I stuck two onto the wall: one for the hair soap and the other for the showering soap.
    That’s all it takes.
    The soap dries well (life prolonging) and is easy to find.


    Pull-off adhesive paper from sticky tape.
    Dry chosen spot with a rag.
    Press holder onto wall.
    Wait 2 hours before hanging soap onto it.
    Stick small metal plate into showering soap – it shouldn’t stick out of soap bar.


    Wood and rustproof metal.