Odds and ends

25,00 CHF

1 kg odds and ends
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    Any time I make a batch of soap, it leaves me with a bit of scrap-pieces on both ends of the soap block.

    These I collect in a box and offer these for a very decent price – for all those of you who want to dump a really good piece of soap into the bath tub (for example) or all of you who want to make their own liquid showering agent (and don’t care which type of mödeli they are actually using) or for anyone who wants to grate these remnants into soap shavings and form them into new pieces of natural soap.

    These odds and ends are all mixed and it can go from showering soap to hair soap.
    They’re completely unsorted and there can also be bits of wood chips or baking paper on them – these stem from the wood soap forms.

    Just get rid of the stuff you don’t want on these cuttings and then do whatever you want to do with them 🙂

    1 kg


    For showering, for washing your hair or your face or your hands.


    It’s a “lucky bag” of all different kinds of mödeli scraps.